I am married to such an amazing man & a mama of 3 kids who well they don't really look like the pictures anymore because they are all grown up! Time sure does fly! Though photography isn't the only business that I run, I own an online boutique that I get to enjoy with my niece Shayla! 

Thank you all who have been on this adventure with me & I can't wait to see what's next!

I've been a photographer now for 9 years & it has been such an amazing adventure! The people you meet is one of the best things you get to endure as a photographer. You get to hear their stories & I get to capture it in a photo so that they can tell their stories for years to come! It has taken many mistakes & much practice to where I am today and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities it has given me & continues to do so!

so glad you are here!

I'm Barbara, photographer, mother and seeker of beautiful moments.

Welcome Friend!

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I believe that a photograph is the pause button of ones life. They hold onto the memories we make that very moment and that we can look back years from now and reminisce that moment once again.

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy